Tungsten Heavy Metal Rod

Tungsten has the highest melting point (3410°C or 6170°F) of all metals.? The extremely high melting point of pure tungsten makes all the common manufacturing techniques used for metals such as iron impractical. Specialized methods make possible the processing of pure tungsten into rod, sheet, and wire for a wide variety of high temperature applications including incandescent lamp wire, TIG welding electrodes, high temperature heat shielding, etc.

Tungsten heavy metal rod is manufactured from high-purity tungsten powder by metallurgical technology. Compared to rods made from other material, tungsten heavy metal rod has higher melting point, higher density and better electrical conductivity.

Tungsten heavy metal rod is now widely used in some applications such as tungsten heavy metal wire, tungsten heater, printer pin, various tungsten heavy metal electrodes, heating devices of quartz furnace, welding rods, automotive products, sputtering targets, etc.


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