Tungsten Alloy Extrusion Dies

Why Use Tungsten Alloy?

Tungsten Alloy Extrusion Dies

1. Its thermal conductivity is 3-4 times that of steel, so tools run much cooler.
2. Its thermal expansion is one third that of steel.
3. It withstands thermal shock.
4. It requires no heat treatments.
5. All of which results in less production downtime!

No costly heat treatment is required. Tools and goods can be placed into service as machined. Chinatungsten Online’s tungsten alloy extrusion dies maintains superior physical properties compared to steel at high working temperatures.

Our tungsten alloy extrusion dies are readily available. Most commonly used diameters are in stock. All diameters are centerless ground or lathe-turned finishes.

Thermal fatigue is the no.1 reason of tool failure. Higher tensile strength and better thermal conductivity goes a long way to minimize thermal fatigue and thereby improve tool life. Our product, counterpart of Anviloy 1150, has a higher tensile strength at elevated temperatures than tool steel and has 5 times better thermal conductivity than tool steel. You can enjoy up to 10 times the die life with our product.

Tungsten alloy extrusion dies should be considered a complimentary product to tool steel, not a replacement. Tool steel does a good job in many die casting applications, but its life decreases as casting temperatures increase. Tungsten alloy extrusion dies are perfect for these high temperature applications. It is typically used for core pins and rods that create the thru-holes, cavities, and indentations inside the castings.

Use Weld Rod for welding our product to other die materials, repairing cracked dies, and building up die erosion areas, thus extending the life of your investment.

Advantages with Our Ttungsten Alloy Extrusion Dies

Tungsten Alloy Extrusion Dies

Decreased Costs: A longer die life means fewer replacement dies and less downtime changing them.
Improved Quality: An improved surface finish on the part means fewer rejects, less secondary machining, and lower costs due to less scrap.
Increased Production: Cycle times can be reduced due to the faster cooling rate provided by our product.

Chinatungsten Online gives you best value because tungsten alloy extrusion dies will preserve excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures for very long time. Tungsten alloy extrusion dies also:
1. Resists erosion and scaling
2. Minimizes soldering and heat checking
3. Is machinable, similar to gray cast iron

Here are How Tungsten Alloy Extrusion Dies Work

1. Minimizes Thermal Fatigue. Heat checking is a thermo-mechanical fatigue process caused by thermal cycling, which creates cyclic stresses and strains in the cavity surface. Typical damage is the gradual growth of a network of cracks. Our product has low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity which are fundamental for heat checking resistance. The low thermal expansion allows for low thermal stress. A high thermal conductivity reduces the thermal gradients and thereby the thermal stress by cooling the casting faster.

2. Low Erosion. Erosion of the die is always a problem. Tungsten alloy extrusion dies provide a low erosion rate due to its chemical resistance. This occurs because molten aluminum dissolves tool steel. Aluminum does NOT dissolve our product therefore; you have a longer die life. This means you do not have to change the die or core rods as often which results in less downtime. Die life can be up to 10 times longer with tungsten alloy extrusion dies.

3. Reduces Soldering. Soldering (or sticking) of aluminum to the tool steel die as its being ejected is also a problem. Tungsten alloy extrusion dies can be a real problem solver for soldering because its high thermal conductivity allow increased cooling rates in difficult to cool areas of a die casting. When it is cooler it won't stick to the aluminum. Tool steel when hot may hold onto the aluminum.

4. Better Surface Finish. Poor surface finish can be a result of soldering (or sticking). Soldering may occur when still hot aluminium sticks to the still hot inside of the die. This process may cause surface to be uneven. This is a major issue where a functional or cosmetic finish is important.

5. Readily Machinable (similar to gray cast iron). Tungsten alloy extrusion dies easier to machine than heat-treat. Our product requires NO pre or post machine heat treatment as tool steel does.

6. Easily Repairable. Cracked or chipped dies and core rods can be easily repaired by welding using Weld Rod.

7. Minimizes Shrinkage Porosity. Shrinkage Porosity is a void left in a solid casting due to the change in volume that takes place during the solidification of molten metal. Because our product has 5 times the Thermal Conductivity of tool steel, this higher level of thermal conductivity will take the heat out faster (faster cooling rate) and thus reduce shrinkage porosity.

China Tungsten specializes in advanced tungsten alloy extrusion dies that meet the highest standards. Please choose from the wide range of already available products or contact us with your specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail: [email protected], [email protected] or call directly: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595. We are at your service.

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