Tungsten Alloy Cubes for Military Application

Ordnance Components:

Since at least World War II, tungsten alloys have proven their worth in ordnance applications. Hyper-velocity armor-penetrating applications use our materials in balls, cubes, and projectile shapes. Manufacturing techniques and additives allow us to vary certain properties, such as elongation, ultimate tensile strength, and hardness, of our tungsten alloys in order to meet your needs.

tungsten alloy cubestungsten alloy cubetungsten heavy alloy cubes
Tungsten Alloy Cubes for Military Application-1

tungsten heavy alloy cubestungsten alloy cubetungsten cubes
Tungsten Alloy Cubes for Military Application-2


tungsten alloy cubes for military

Balls: φ 2mm above
Shafts: (φ2mm above) × (Length max.600mm)
Sheets: (Thickness 0.15mm above) × (Wideness max.200mm) × (Length max.500mm)
Square, round and rectangle sizes: diameter 550mm above
Or according your demand.

Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Cube for Military Application

Why we adopt tungsten alloy cube for parts of extrusion die instead of lead or aluminum or other materials' block? Because tungsten alloy has high melting point more than ten times higher than lead, which is important in extrusion die process. Then, tungsten alloy cube has high Mohs hardness. What is the most important reason is that tungsten alloy is environment friendly, which lead can not reach.

We can produce all kinds of tungsten alloy cubes and we can design tungsten alloy cube which could be manufactured as the parts of military defense,tungsten alloy cubes for military is widely used in extrusion die, some counterweights, such as yacht counterweights, vehicle counterweights, airplane counterweights, helicopter counterweights, boat counterweights, tank counterweights, etc.

We will be more than happy to supply you with tungsten alloy cubes for military application in accordance with your requirements. Please contact us with your tungsten alloy cube specifications via email: [email protected], [email protected] or call directly: 0086 592 512 9696, 0086 592 512 9595. We are at your service.

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