Silver Tungsten

Tungsten alloy is a binary alloy of silver false alloy, silver and a silver-tungsten and tungsten. Because the high melting point of tungsten silver with each melt can not, so you can not take the traditional way system, the system must take silver alloy of tungsten powder metallurgy methods.

Silver and tungsten in the liquid or solid matter can not miscible. Preparation of silver tungsten alloy powder metallurgy method can only be made using sintered materials can also be used extrusion method. Features silver tungsten material is close to the high hardness, resistance to arc erosion, anti-adhesion and anti-welding capability. Manufactured by powder metallurgy method. More than 60% tungsten alloy multi-use soaked production. Tungsten-silver alloy is generally used as low-voltage power switch, crane switch, engine switch, high current switching contacts of the pre-and heavy-duty relays, air circuit breakers. Plus cobalt tungsten can improve the wettability of silver, to reduce the contact resistance.

Tungsten silver alloy material is widely used in high temperature, high pressure switch with electrical alloy, EDM electrodes, microelectronics materials, parts and components as widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, sports equipment and other industries .

Tungsten Silver No.:AgW30 AgW40 AgW50 AgW55 AgW60 AgW65 AgW70 AgW75 AgW80 AgW85

Technical parameters:

Product Name Symbol Silver Impurities Tungsten Density g/cm3 Conductivity IACS% Hardness HB≥ Flexural strength
Silver Tungsten30 AgW30 70±1.5 0.5 Margin 11. 75 ? 75 75
Silver Tungsten40 AgW40 60±1.5 0.5 Margin 12.4 ? 66 85
Silver Tungsten50 AgW50 50±2.0 0.5 Margin 13.15 ? 57 105
Silver Tungsten55 AgW55 45±2.0 0.5 Margin 13.55 ? 54 115
Silver Tungsten60 AgW60 40±2.0 0.5 Margin 14 ? 51 125
Silver Tungsten65 AgW65 35±2.0 0.5 Margin 14.5 ? 48 135
Silver Tungsten70 AgW70 30±2.0 0.5 Margin 14.9 45 150 657
Silver Tungsten75 AgW75 25±2.0 0.5 Margin 15.4 41 165 686
Silver Tungsten80 AgW80 20±2.0 0.5 Margin 16.1 37 180 726
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